New Carnival collection

This is a different , brand new and refreshing idea, sometimes you need a break from the everyday repetition of your style of creativity. I have always dabbled in painting and recently did some art classes to get back into the swing of paint. I wanted to let my hand and mind go free as I’m always caught up in the detail of beads and embellishment. Of course I’m now thinking of ways to incorporate my painting into something that isn’t art on the walls so what else but Carnival jewellery, art to wear! It has arrived now and there’s no going back -full steam with this idea and who knows where it’s going to take me… I see more possibilities …. it’s all so exciting ! But it is only one aspect of what lies ahead in my future creative life… I also want to get back to another , well the original , first love of mine and I’ll start another blog post about that soon…

Meantime here are some images of my art to wear jewellery: CARNIVAL and there are some of these on my website for sale.

Gypsy Rose collage

Here are some items with my special collage work...I love making these one off dresses for weddings, silk scarves or wraps and practically anything that can be embellished! I have so much lovely lace and antique trim and tons of silk fabric and beads collected over the years that it's a shame not to use them.

I have some neckpieces and scarves for sale here on my website. 

Introducing my Blog

Introducing my Blog

Hi, I thought I'd start a blog and show and talk about aspects of my life in design and textiles. I'm getting quite long in the tooth at this stage and need to share my knowledge and perhaps share some other interesting stuff with anyone who is interested.

So this is me ( see pic above) wearing a collage jumper from a few years ago at the large craft fair I do here in Dublin every year before Christmas. This garment was made using silk, beads, lace, embroidery and is my signature collage textile method and works very well on hats, collars, wraps and scarves and on other garments...

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